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Product Profile

  • Lightweight – Celtec is easy to handle, easy to work with.
  • Low Flammability – Celtec meets UL94 5V, UL 1975 and has a flame spread of 20 according toASTM E84.
  • Water resistant – Celtec has a closed cell structure and has extremely low water absorption values.
  • Surface – Celtec’s smooth matte surface is ideal for graphics, printing and laminating.
  • Weatherability – Celtec is more color-fast than other foam PVC products.
  • Strength – Celtec has an excellent strength to weight ratio as shown in the screw and staple pull test data.
  • Thermal Conductivity – Celtec has excellent insulating characteristics.
  • Safety – Celtec contains no lead, cadmium or zinc.

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